Reflections from the Soul

A Tiny Treasure of Cosmic Guidance for Daily Living

  • For those who value metaphysical principles
  • For those seeking greater spiritual awareness
  • For those for whom Spirit is ever-present, surpassing boundaries of doctrine
  • For those in pursuit of inspiration, affirmation, meditation, higher good, and healing
  • For those celebrating the ten great principles for living: Forgiveness, Trust, Patience, Truth, Self-value, Discipline, Unconditional Love, Joy, Obedience, and Freedom
  • For gift givers, nurturers, healers, angels, and spirits of light -- for All of Us

  • 112 pages, 4 3/4" x 7 3/4"

  • hardcover with debossed metallic type, perfect bound

  • four-color, high-gloss dust jacket

  • $12.00 per copy

  • To order, email request to nancy@nancyscott.com

  • DOWNLOAD SPIRITLINE pdf HERE (57 pages) ... my gift to you.

  • copyright © 1998 by Nancy Rathbun Scott

    $12.00 from Liberty Communications Press

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